Real estate is the reason I get up in the morning. I started to develop a passion for it after I bought my first home. The agent I worked with was a very nice guy. There were only couple problems. I ended up doing most of the work myself throughout the whole buying process. If that was not bad enough, I caught a mistake on the closing statement that would has costed me. Surprisingly, my agent did not see it at all. Although my first experience with him was not that fabulous, I referred him to my sister anyway. I still don’t know why, maybe because he was so nice and charming. Unfortunately at the end, I was also doing most of his work for my sister as well. Then I realized that I could do a lot better than him. Following an opportunity, I got involved with real estate not long after.

I live and breath real estate for the past 12 years. Almost 90 percent of my clients are from referrals, it is hard to believe but I rarely advertise. There are few principles I follow. I am not afraid to tell my clients the truth for the sake of protecting their best interest. I always give them professional advice and explain all available options without making the decision for them. And most of all, I limit on how many clients to serve in any given period of time so their needs don’t get neglected. This is my promise to all my clients. After all, their success is my ultimate reward.